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$120 NLHE Seniors 50+ (Re-Entry)
Level 13: 1,500/3,000/500 Ante
Total Entries: 4

A massive double elimination has left one player in charge of the show here in Event 2.

After a raise to 10,000 chips by Chuck Marty, Doug Hutcheson moved all-in for 32,500 and Phil Maynard followed suit risking 120,000 chips.  Marty then made the call and the tournament-changing hand was on.  Marty turned up , Hutcheson showed and Maynard flipped up .

The board ran out leaving Marty’s aces as the top hand and taking out both Hutcheson and Maynard.  Marty is now up to 261,000 chips with 480,000 chips in play.

Phil Maynard finishes in 5th place winning $347 and Doug Hutcheson finishes in 6th place winning $266.

Phil Maynard - 5th Place ($347)

Phil Maynard – 5th Place ($347)

Doug Hutcheson - 6th Place ($266)

Doug Hutcheson – 6th Place ($266)