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$250 NLHE Double Green Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)
Level 9: 600/1,200/200 Ante
Players Remaining: 34

If you gonna go down, go down in flames.

On a board of , Curt Smith bet 2,200 and Mark Kroon raised to 4,400.  But then Randy Garcia fired in his entire stack of 22,000 chips and was called by Smith and  Kroon with Kroon’s tournament life on as well.  The cards were turned up with Smith showing for a set and Kroon turned up for a flush for the lead. That is until Garcia turned up for the nut straight flush.  Then the board ran out giving Smith quads and sending Kroon over to Brandon Fish to pay out a last-longer bet.  The hand put Garcia up to 72,000 chips.

34 players remain minus the PPC Poker Tour Ambassador as play continues here in Event 3.ppchcb16-event-3-straight-flush


Randy Garcia