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$120 NLHE Tag Team Tourney (Re-Entry)
Level 16: 4,000/8,000/1,000 Ante
Total Teams Remaining: 5

The team of Shawn Snelson and Rick Pressler has fallen on the bubble.

Pressler was all-in for their last 18,000 chips and Jerry Young made the call.  Pressler showed against the of Jerry Young.  Pressler took the lead on the flop but Young hit on the turn for two pair.  The came on the river and eliminated Snelson and Pressler putting the rest of the field in the money.

Shawn Snelson/Rick Pressler finish in 6th place.

Shawn Snelson/Rick Pressler - 6th Place

Shawn Snelson/Rick Pressler – 6th Place