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2016 PPC Harrah’s North Kansas City Series
$370 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
$50,000 Guarantee

September 30th-October 2nd, 2016

Total Entries: 233
Total Prize Pool: $62,475 + $10,000 PPC Aruba Packages  = $72,475

Monty Schmidt PPC Harrah's North Kansas City Series Main Event Champion

Monty Schmidt
PPC Harrah’s North Kansas City Series Main Event Champion

Recap: (by Mark Hoke of “The Mark Hoke Show” on KSHP 1400 AM and

A contingent of players from Wisconsin stormed into Harrah’s North Kansas City including PPC Poker Tour Ambassador Mark Kroon and past PPC Main Event Champion Pamela Wlison. Six of them made Day 2 and Steven “Mondo” Fuhrman, Mike McAdams and Jerry Young all made their second final table in four events.  But it the end, it was Monty Schmidt’s time to stand tall in an outstanding run to take the 2016 PPC Harrah’s North Kansas City Series Main Event title and packed his bags for the PPC Aruba World Championship in November.

Friday brought the first two flights of the Main Event and Day 1A did not disappoint with Mark “P0kerH0” Kroon battling his way from 20,000 chips to the top stack of the flight putting away 244,000 chips as he looked for his second PPC Main Event title of Season 4.  Daniel Isenhour finished second with 209,000 as he looked for his second final table of the series and Pamela Wilson put herself in contention for her second PPC Main Event victory finishing third with 162,000.  On Day 1B, Michael Steele could do no wrong as he wrapped up the lead for the flight scoring 330,000 to take the overall chip lead for the tournament to that point.  Thomas Houston was hot on his heels with 312,000 and Thomas Dewey finished third with 168,000.  Monty Schmidt was the shortest stack to escape the flight with 55,000 chips but his spot on the bottom of the heap would only last around eighteen hours.

Saturday saw the final Day 1 flights go off with Day 1C and Day 1D take center stage at Harrah’s North Kansas City. Day 1C saw the $50,000 guarantee fall along with Monty Schmidt’s short stack.  Schmidt made the most of his second chance to win the flight with 225,500 chips.  Scott Coffman emerged from an action-packed table to put away 157,000 for second and Jason Phannenstiel took third with 128,000 chips.  The final chance for our players came that evening in Day 1D and Sean Lindsey took advantage winning the flight and taking the overall chip lead for Day 1D with 425,000 chips.  Shem Yusuf finished second with 243,000 and Jeremy Jagoda was third with 142,000.

Overall the tournament finished with 233 entries easily surpassing the $50,000 guarantee and 32 players advanced with 24 spots getting into the money on Day 2.  Incredibly, all six players who made the trip from Badger state – Schmidt, Kroon, Wilson along with William “Noodlez” Stein, Ryan Richgels and Aaron Oas – bagged to come back for Day 2 and Floridian Steven Fuhrman also made it to Sunday.  But the tables were soon turned on the Wisconsin contingent right off the bat when play resumed.

Mark Kroon lost out on kings against aces and then Monty Schmidt took him out with kings against Kroon’s queens to send him to rail and out of the money.  Richgels also went down before the bubble which was burst on Pamela Wilson having her kings cracked by Sean Lindsey’s tens.  Aaron Oas went out shortly in 20th place leaving Monty Schmidt as the lone Wisconsin player in the Main Event.

But Schmidt was doing well dueling with Jason Isenhour for the chip lead.  It was a rapid pace of eliminations until the tournament got to sixteen players after Andrew Schmidt was knocked out in 17th and Thomas Houston being eliminated in 18th place.  Schmidt and Isenhour then got into a collision with Schmidt coming out on top to help cement himself at the top of the leaderboard and Isenhour was eliminated shortly afterward in 16th place.  Players then began to fall on the road to the final table with Michael Steele falling in 13th place, Callie Steele going out in 12th and David Kimbrell missed out on the final table finishing in 11th place.

Monty Schmidt would lead the way on the final table with 1,117,000 chips and his nearest competitor was Steven Fuhrman with 572,000 and Shem Yusuf was just behind him with 566,000.  Ted Hinton came in fourth and Day 1 chip leader Sean Lindsey stood in fifth with 426,000.  Mike McAdams, Jason Phannenstiel, Jerermy Jagoda, Jerrry Young and Thomas Dewey all came in under 300,000 chips but that would change quickly as the final table played out.

It was slow going for the ten remaining players until a massive four-way hand went the way of Steven Fuhrman putting him up to 1,200,000 chips, leaving Mike McAdams with just 50,000 chips and taking out Ted Hinton in 10th place and Sean Lindsey in 9th place   Fuhrman and Monty Schmidt now led the tournament but the rest of the field wasn’t going to let them run away with the tournament.  Thomas Dewey took out Jerry Young in 8th place continuing his rise toward the top of the leaderboard putting him over the 900,000 chip mark.  He then finished off Shem Yusuf in 7th place adding more to his stack.  Fuhrman then struck back taking out Jeremy Jagoda in 6th place.

The fortunes then turned for Thomas Dewey as he began to get chipped down and then Jason Phannenstiel cracked Dewey’s aces with a Q-6 to finish Dewey off in 5th place.  In the meantime, Mike McAdams kept finding ways to double up and fought his way into the final four with 600,000 chips.  But Steven Fuhrman finally took him out in 4th place taking the final table down to three putting himself in the lead with 2,600,000 chips.  Fuhrman, Schmidt and Phannenstiel debate a possible chop deal but no resolution came and the players continued to fight it out. Finally a breaking point came when Monty Schmidt won a nearly three million chip pot against Furhman flipping the script and putting Schmidt out in front.

At that point, the three remaining players decided to halt play and come to an agreement to end the tournament.  Monty Schmidt was out in front when the chips were counted up and he was declared the 2016 PPC Harrah’s North Kansas City Series Main Event Champion.  Schmidt picked up the title, $10,000, a $5,000 PPC Aruba Package, a pair of Blue Shark Optics Glasses, apparel from Kicker Problem/Kicker Power and a spot in the PPC Champion of Champions Tournament at Maryland Live! Casino.  Jason Phannenstiel finished in second place winning $10,000 and a $5,000 PPC Aruba Package sending him along with Schmidt to the PPC Aruba World Championship in November.  Steven Fuhrman settled for third place winning $12,299.

Monty Schmidt talked about his run through the tournament.  “I had a horrible bag the night before (Day 1B) so I decided to play again and try to make something happen and it just turned out that I got a really good run and I didn’t get unlucky.  I felt really bad knocking Mark (Kroon) out because we came down together and we’re good friends and then Daniel (Isenhour) and I went back and forth a couple times and then I knocked him down and he was a really good player too.  On the final table, it went up and down and up and down and it was kinda weird.  I didn’t get any super-big hands and then when we got down toward the end it was getting to the point where there was going to be a big flip that happens and when it did I had ace-king against ace-queen.  Luckily it just ran out and back to Aruba we go.”

Schmidt also shared his feelings about heading to the Aruba World Championship, the win, the Harrah’s North Kansas City team and the PPC Poker Tour.  “We’re super-excited.  This is our third year going down and my wife (Pamela Wlison) already has multiple packages due to her wins but honestly the greatest thing about this trip is the people.  You go there and there’s this great group of people that are having fun outside the poker trip and we look forward to it every year.  This is finally the point where I’m finally part of the team now as opposed to the guy who’s on the rail.  The dealers have been awesome and are really the best dealers and super-professional and the steak restaurant was incredible.  The PPC runs the best tournaments.  They’re well run and the people are friendly and for people that haven’t played a tournament it’s a great place to get some experience and have a chance to go to Aruba.  It’s super-awesome!”

Congratulations to the 2016 PPC Poker Tour Harrah’s North Kansas City Series Main Event Champion – Monty Schmidt!

Final Table Results:
1st: Monty Schmidt – $10,000 + $5,000 PPC Aruba Package
2nd: Jason Phannenstiel – $10,000+ $5,000 PPC Aruba Package
3rd: Steven Fuhrman – $12,299
4th: Mike McAdams – $5,197
5th: Thomas Dewey – $3,903
6th: Jeremy Jagoda – $2,977
7th: Shem Yusuf – $2,306
8th: Jerry Young – $1,812
9th: Sean Lindsey – $1,446
10th: Ted Hinton – $1,170