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Level 30 – 40k/80k/10k

Players remaining -5

We apologize for the delay…slight technical problems that have now been resolved.

Just before we reached the Final Table of 10 we saw Sallie Stohler get eliminated on the last hand before we were going to make a Final Table of Ten.

Here was the seat and chip counts going into the Final Table:

Seat 1 – JeWook Oh – 1.635 Million

Seat 2 – James Campbell – 735,000

Seat 3 – Michael O’Connell – 265,000

Seat 4 – OPEN

Seat 5 – Will Morales – 1,000,000

Seat 6 – Frankie Flowers -1.750 Million

Seat 7 – Quan Quach – 1.075 Million

Seat 8-  Jeremy Meacham – 685,000

Seat 9 – Henry Meacham – 1.250 Million

Seat 10 – Ed Ribeiro – 565,000

Played slowed to a crawl for a considerable amount of time. It seemed that every time someone pushed all-in, it was either Aces or Kings.

In Level 27 (25k/50k/5k) Henry Meacham went out in 8th place ($3712) when his pockets Nine were no match for Wil Morales’s A/9 when the flop goes 9/9/X.

Level 28 (30k/60k/10k) we saw Frankie Flowers exit in 7th place ($4712). Flowers shoved all-in with K/8 against JeWook Oh’s pocket 5’s. When Oh’ makes his straight on the turn, Frankie knew it was over. Earning him $5711.

Level 29 (30k/60k/10k) Quan Quach finished in 6th ($5711) when Oh’s two pair was better than Quach’s one pair of aces.