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$100 NLHE $5K to First PlaceĀ (Re-Entry)
Level 14: 2,000/4,000/500 Ante
Players Remaining: 13

We’ve reached the money bubble, and while the tournament floor director was planning on having hand-for-hand once the bubble was reached, as it turns out it was unneeded.

First, Ace Jones was eliminated when his was eliminated by an opponent’s flush after both players went all in on a flop of . But that was just an appetizer.

Pamela Wilson, Alvin Lacle, and Chris Staats got involved in a huge hand on a flop of . Wilson checked, Staats raised, Lacle called… but then Wilson reraised, to which Staats four-bet all in! And then Lacle also went all in! Wilson was shocked, but quickly also said, “alright, I guess I’m all in too.”


Staats was drawing dead, and Wilson was drawing thin. The run out of did not change anything, and Alvin Lacle scored a huge double knockout to get into the money. Staats, by virtue of a slightly larger stack, collects the mincash.

Chris Staats - 14th ($125)

Chris Staats – 14th ($125)

Pamela Wilson - Out

Pamela Wilson – Out

Ace Jones - Out

Ace Jones – Out