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$100 NLHE $5K to First Place (Re-Entry)
Level 1: 25/50
Entries: 64

Tonight’s Event 3 at the 2016 PPC Poker Tour Aruba World Championship is every Caribbean-based pirate’s favorite: the $200 Double Green Chip Bounty tournament! This event features a $10,000 Guarantee (including bounties) and an 8pm start time perfect for locals and vacationers who spent their day in the sun, for Event 2 participants who are coming back from the Tiki bar after a short reprieve, and for Seven Seas-sailing freebooters and marauders looking to double-up their doubloons.

Players will begin tonight’s event with 8,000 in tournament chips, and levels will last for 20 minutes each. Late registration and re-entry will be open until the start of Level 7. There will be a bounty of $50 on the head of each player, meaning each opponent you eliminate from the event will earn you $50. Since $25 chips are green for most casinos, the “double green chip” bounty earned its name and is used colloquially throughout the United States and beyond. However, interestingly, at the Hilton Aruba there are no $25 chips since the poker room in the Hilton Resort casino proper has $1s and $20s!

Nevertheless, tonight will be the Double Green Chip event, and already we’re getting close to triple-digit entries.

We’ll see you on the felt!