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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 7: 250/500/75 Antes
Players Remaining: 98

As the entries in the second day of competition dwindles, some familiar faces are hitting the Main Event rail.

One of last night’s three-way chop champs Nolan Spooner is out the door after his was taken down by an opponent’s when he found a fourth Diamond on the river after Spooner spooned the last of his chips into the already boiling pot. Similarly, it seems PPC champion Mark Kroon has elected to not reenter the Main Event this time around.

A few have separated themselves from the pack. Dale Jones still leads the event, but hot on his heels is Evan Teitelbaum. The Floridian with more than $600,000 in career cashes is performing swimmingly, with close to 80,000 in chips.

Evan Teitelbaum

Evan Teitelbaum