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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 5: 200/400/50 Antes
Total Entries: 114

Among the players firing multiple bullets at today’s Main Event is WSOP Circuit Ring winner and the PPC’s unofficial ringleader Mark Kroon. His first $2,400 went awry when his flopped flush was rudely destroyed by a turned full house. Buy-in number two ended in a much less spectacular fashion, but it ended nonetheless. Sources tell the PPC reporting team that Kroon will make a third attempt to make Day 2 after the dinner break tonight. The decorated Wisconsin pro will look to join his mother Marylin Guess in the second day of competition. Guess bagged during Day 1A with over 100,000 in chips and is currently sixth overall in the Main Event as a result.

Other big names and top stories with multiple shots fired here in the 2016 PPC Aruba Main Event include New York-area pro Jake Schwartz and Tampa Bay Downs Silks Poker Room ambassador Danny Lobato. Neither found early success, though Schwartz’ first Day 1B bullet appears to be the one that will get him into Day 2.

With 114 entries logged today and 144 yesterday from Day 1A, a prize pool of more than $550,000 is already in the works, so it’s well worth it to all of the competitors in attendance to try to get a piece.of the action. We’ll have more from Day 1B as the tournament rolls on from the Hilton Aruba Resort and Casino!

Mark Kroon

Mark Kroon