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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 3: 75/150/25 Antes
Total Entries: 103

As the tournament hits triple-digits on the day in terms of tournament entries, perhaps the most interesting story concerning any player isn’t about the player, but instead about the hat he wears: Tim Sciscoe’s unique baseball cap.

Sciscoe and his historic headgear won his package here to Aruba thanks to a win in Event 3 on the PPC’s visit to Council Bluffs, Iowa. He’s no stranger to tournament success, as the truck terminal manager has a previous win in a WSOP Circuit side event for $38,178, which was also the origin story for his chewed-up chapeau.

“Long story short, I had a girlfriend in 2008, and her dog got the hat during the night,” Sciscoe said. “I ended up wearing it for the Circuit event, which I ended up winning. It became my lucky hat. Lost the girlfriend, kept the hat.”

And the dog? “Lost the dog, too. It was hers. Yappy little thing, anyway.”

Sciscoe and his torn-up topper are sitting pretty, having just scooped a nice pot with :Qx :Jx straight over Trip-Eights on :Tx :9x :8x :5x :3x. He currently has over 30,000.

Tim Sciscoe

Tim Sciscoe

Tim Sciscoe's famous baseball cap

Tim Sciscoe’s famous baseball cap