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$300 PLO Black Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)
Level 17: 5000/10000
Players Remaining: 2

Lane Phillips doubled through Michael Hanson, then Rob Li won a big three-way pot putting stacks near even. Hanson opens to 20000 and Li pots to 70000 and Hanson makes the call. Li first to act goes all-in on and Hanson makes the begrudging call with a pair and an open-ender and Li tables aces for the lead with blockers . The board runs out save with a turn and river and leaves Hanson with a paltry 6000 chips behind.

That 6000 is all-in for his big blind and both players call. The flop checks through but the turn gets Phillips to bet 21000 and Li makes the call. river checks through and Phillips tables the world with and takes down the pot. The unstoppable Hanson has been stopped, and we are heads up.

Michael Hanson - 3rd ($1,131)

Michael Hanson – 3rd place ($1,131)