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$500 NLHE Double Black Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)
Level 7: 400/800/100 Ante 
Players Remaining: 42

Previous PPC Aruba Main Event Champion, Aristoteles Neto, already has a 2nd place finish for $1,059 in Event 4, but now he’s making some magic happen here in Event 8. Suffice to say, things get weird when bounties enter the calculations.

With two very short stacks already all-in preflop, Neto has one more opponent and makes a large raise to put them all-in as well. This was simply to get the extra player out of the equation to give himself the highest opportunity to collect the bounties. However, the opponent sniffed this out and called off his stack with while the two tiny stacks table and while Neto sheepishly tables and the flop comes which only offers backdoor diamonds. However, the turn changes things drastically but still needs to fade the river, which he does as pairs the board.

Neto splits the antes with one of the short stacks and gets the rest of the chips and two KOs with the nut-low holdings.

Aristoteles Neto

Aristoteles Neto