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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 12: 800/1,600/200 Ante
Players Remaining: 93

We will have a new PPC World Champion.

On the button, Vincent Fiorenza was all-in for 27,000 chips and Mike Beattie followed with a push of his own for 66,500 in the small blind and then Marilyn Guess went over the top setting up the three-way pot. ¬†Guess was poised to pick off both players holding against Beattie’s and Fiorenza’s .

But the fates were on Beattie’s side when the flop of hit the board giving him a set to take the lead. ¬†The board ran out putting Beattie over the 130,000 chip mark and sending Fiorenza, last year’s champion, off to the beach.

93 players remain as play continues here in Day 2.

Mike Beattie

Mike Beattie