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$500 NLHE Double Black Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)
Level 19: 8000/16000/2000
Players Remaining: 2

The bounty king of Event 8’s reign has come to an end. Eric Nathan piloted his way through this tournament beautifully, accumulating 12 KOs along the way, but the title will not be his.

With Paul Snead’s last few thousand chips and thus $200 bounty in the middle, Bill Mckown¬†shoved his big stack to accumulate it, but Eric Nathan woke up with but Abel had a real hand too in while Snead’s blind hand was . A flop of gave Mckown a ton of outs, and the turn brought one in the form of counterfeiting Nathan’s pair. A river and Mckown gets the double knockout bringing us to heads-up play.


Eric Nathan - 3rd ($3,250)

Eric Nathan – 3rd ($3,250)