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$500 NLHE Double Black Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)
Level 11: 1000/2000/300 Ante 
Players Remaining: 27

As the Main Event is on its final two tables and losing players, the energy is tense and stressful. On the other side of the room, you can find the complete opposite atmosphere. Players are laughing and enjoying themselves as we collapse down to three tables.

Much of this raucous enjoyment comes courtesy of David and Catherine Dee, who are seated next to each other yet again. The Dees make fun any table they play, and this one is no different. Explaining the intricacies of British accents and slang while slinging cards, there’s no shortage of entertainment in Event 8.

Only the final table of 10 players from these 27 will make the money, but the beauty of bounties is that if you’ve made it this far, it’s likely you have at least a rebate if not a profit.

David and Catherine Dee

David and Catherine Dee