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$1,100 NLHE $50,000 Guarantee (Re-Entry)
Level 16: 4000/8000/1000
Players Remaining: Tournament Complete

With 5 players remaining, 4 of them had very close to 50,000 chips¬†while the other 370,000 belonged to Adam White. With stacks so flat and such a commanding lead, the players decide to end the tournament early, giving Adam the title. One of those players, by the way, being Adam’s father, Richard White! Not a bad day of poker for the family.

Congratulations to Event 9 Champion, Adam White!

Adam White - Event 9 Champion

Adam White – Event 9 Champion ($18,000)

Rod Rodrigui - 2nd ($8,219)

Rod Rodrigui – 2nd ($8,219)

Maroun Akiki - T-3rd ($8,215)

Maroun Akiki – T-3rd ($8,215)

Richard White - T-3rd ($8,215)

Richard White – T-3rd ($8,215)

Dennis Crowden - T-3rd ($8,215)

Dennis Crowden – T-3rd ($8,215)

Richard White and Champion Son, Adam White

Richard White and Son, Champion Adam White