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$1,100 NLHE $50,000 Guarantee (Re-Entry)
Level 12: 1200/2400/300 Ante
Players Remaining: 9

The final table starts level 12 on their second hand, and on their third, they lose their first player. Toni Fiorenza, mother of 2015 PPC Aruba Main Event Champion, Vincent Fiorenza, came into the final table as one of the short stacks and had to make her stand. She did so with and has to beat Adam White’s as the flop comes and the turn gives her a diamond draw, but is not a diamond.

The 9 remaining players agree to take an extended break for dinner. When play resumes, they will be three away from the money.

Toni Fiorenza - 10th

Toni Fiorenza – 10th