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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 26: 20,000/40,000/5,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 4

Hand 120: Dorian Rios raises preflop to 100,000 and Stephen Deutsch calls. comes on the flop, Deutsch checks, Rios places 175,000 at risk and wins the pot.

Hand 121: The final hand before dinner is a walk to Stephen Deutsch.

The last half dozen levels have been a roller coaster of emotion. Stephen Deutsch, down to his last 4 outs earlier in the day against Joan Sandoval, now finds himself among the final four with a better than average chance to place third or better. The top-three finish is relevant because of the Player of the Year race, which last night’s Event 8 champion Bill McCown leads with multi-time PPC champion James Sloat close behind. One more event, today’s $1,100 NLHE, will be in play for PPC points for 2016.

As we head to the break, Jim Beadnell leads with about half of the total chips in play.

Seat 1: Jim Beadnell – 3,120,000
Seat 2: Michael Lerner – 510,000
Seat 3: Stephen Deutsch – 1,645,000
Seat 4: Dorian Rios – 1,385,000

Jim Beadnell

Jim Beadnell