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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 21: 6,000/12,000/2,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 10

Hand 9: Jose Montes takes down the blinds and antes.

Blinds rise to 8,000/16,000.

Hand 10: A big pot developed when Justin Swilling opened with a call, then right behind him Jose Montes made it 46,000 from middle. Jim Beadnell in the small blind repopped it to 100,000. Swilling folds, and Montes made the call. The flop came out :8x :6x :3x rainbow, and Jim Beadnell added 150,000. Montes called. The turn came , adding a second diamond to the board, and both players checked. on the river caused Jim Beadnell to wager 200,000. “Why couldn’t it have been just like an eight on the river,” commented Montes as he decided to fold and give Jim another big pot.


Jim Beadnell

Hand 11: Christian Harder in seat 1 opens to 36,000 in the cutoff for his first action of this final table. Joan Sandoval defends her big blind. The flop is , and the action checks through. on the turn, which elicits a 32,000 bet from Sandoval and Harder calls. The river brings a check from Sandoval, as does Harder. Sandoval shows pocket :7x :7x, which wins the hand.

Hand 12: Justin Swilling and Jose Montes both call from early position, Sandoval calls the small blind. John Ott in the big blind makes it another 55,000 to go, all three opponents fold, and Ott wins the pot.

Hand 13: Justin Swilling takes down the blinds and antes.

Hand 14: Dorian Rios opens to 35,000. Michael Lerner calls in the hijack. Joan Sandoval reraises to 100,000 in the cutoff. Rios folds, Lerner calls. The flop comes , and Joan bets 100,000 after Lerner’s check. Joan picks up the pot, and shows :Ax :Qx.

Hand 15: Dorian Rios opens for 35,000. Justin Swilling calls, as does the big blind Stephen Deutsch. . Rios continues for 44,000, and Justin continues along with him with a call. , Rios checks, and Swilling bets 74,000 in response on the turn. Dorian Rios tanks for a moment before announcing that he is all in. Justin Swilling shows before folding, and Rios takes the pot.

Hand 16: Joan Sandoval makes it 42,000 and takes down the blinds.

Hand 17: It folds around to Dorian Rios in the small blind, he makes it 35,000 to go and Christian Harder calls. flop, Rios continues for 45,000 and Harder releases.

Hand 18: Joan Sandoval raises to 42,000 and Justin Swilling calls. Jose Montes overcalls as does Stephen Deutsch. flop checks to Jose who makes it 67,000 and takes it down.

Hand 19: Joan Sandoval limps in second position for 16,000, Justin Swilling makes it 59,000 to go, and it folds around to Joan who jokes with her opponent before folding.

Hand 20: Dorian Rios opens to 35,000 and Christian Harder shoves for 296,000 and gets through.

Hand 21: Christian Harder opens to 36,000. Steve Karp 3-bets to 76,000, and Christian makes it 4-bets with an all-in for 292,000 more. Steve Karp folds, and Harder takes down the hard-fought pot.