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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 27: 25,000/50,000/5,000 Antes
Players Remaining: 3

Hand 144: On the button, Stephen Deutsch makes it 115,000 to go. Jim Beadnell calls and checks in the dark. . The dark check gambit does not pay off, as Rios’ bet elicits a fold from Beadnell to pick up the pot.

Hand 145: Jim Beadnell wins the blinds and antes.

Jim Beadnell

Jim Beadnell

Hand 146: Stephen Deutsch grabs the next batch of blinds and antes uncontested.

Hand 147: Dorian Rios calls from the small blind, and Jim Beadnell checks. The flop comes , which both players check. The turn brings , which causes Rios to check. Beadnell to bet 200,000. Dorian Rios moves all in for about 560,000. Beadnell announces “nice hand,” and folds. Rios rises to 680,000.

Hand 148: Jim Beadnell raises preflop and Stephen Deutsch calls in a blind-versus-blind battle. is the board, and Beadnell announces 250,000. Deutsch calls. The turn brings . Beadnell checks. Deutsch says 350,000, and Beadnell folds. Deutsch stacks the chips from the pot and adds them to his pyramid.

Hand 149: Rios gets a walk.

Hand 150: Dorian Rios calls from the small blind, and Jim Beadnell says 150,000 more. Rios calls. The flop comes . Rios is first, and checks, after which Beadnell also checks. Turn brings a 180,000 bet from Rios, to which Beadnell responds with a fold.

Hand 151: Stephen Deutsch gets a walk.

Hand 152: Jim Beadnell wins the blinds and antes, then flashes Big Slick from the button before the next hand.

Hand 153: Dorian Rios makes it 150,000 total from the small blind, and Jim Beadnell calls. The flop comes . Rios checks, and Beadnell checks. turn card brings the action back to Rios, who bets 150,000. Jim Beadnell instaclicks back to 300,000. Rios shoots a glare at Beadnell, then makes the call. The river card brings a bet from Rios. Beadnell asks for a count of Rios’ remaining chips,¬†which apparently is too much for Beadnell, and Rios collects the pot.

Hand 154: Jim Beadnell and Stephen Deutsch see a friendly pot from the blinds. run all the way out before either player bets. Stephen wins the pot with Queen high.

Hand 155: Small blind Stephen Deutsch makes it 150,000 to go. Dorian Rios calls from the big. Flop is followed by Deutsch betting 150,000. Rios calls. Turn card brings about a check from both players. River and another check from Deutsch lead to Rios betting 300,000. Deutsch folds, and Rios wins the pot.

Hand 156: Dorian Rios calls and Jim Beadnell checks. comes, and after Rios bets 75,000 Beadnell folds and takes the pot.

After the hand, blinds rose to 30,000/60,000 with 10,000 antes.