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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 28: 30,000/60,000/10,000 Antes
Players Remaining: 3

Level 28 introduces the first blind level with five-digit antes. Jim Beadnell still leads.

Hand 157: Dorian Rios raises to 140,000 and wins the pot.

Hand 158: Jim Beadnell raises to 150, Dorian Rios calls. Beadnell bets 250,000 and takes down the pot.

Hand 159: Jim Beadnell calls Stephen Deutsch’s 150,000 preflop bet. , which brings no additonal bets, and neither does turn The river brings a bet from Stephen Deutsch of 150,000. Beadnell calls, Deutsch shows for two pair, and he wins the pot.

Hand 160: Dorian Rios raises to 140,000 on the button and also under the gun, and Stephen Deutsch makes the call. , both players check. on the turn causes no further action, and river brings about a Deutsch bet of 75,000. Rios calls with , and his Jack kicker beats out Deutsch’s Ace to take the pot.catamarand

Hand 161: Dorian Rios is the beneficiary of a walk.

Hand 162: Dorain Rios raises to 140,00 in the small blind and Jim Beadnell calls. The flop comes . Rios leads out for 155,000 and Beadnell calls. The turn brings . Rios checks, and Beadnell reaches for chips. He ultimately cuts out 250,000 which Rios calls. The river drops, and Rios checks once more. Beadnell puts at risk an additional 300,000 on the final street of action, which Rios ponders while handling his chips deliberately.

Heavy moments pass before he says, “you show me if I fold?” No reaction from Beadnell.

Ultimately, Rios calls. Jim shows for two pair, and Rios mucks. Beadnell takes down a massive pot.

Hand 163: Dorian Rios moves all in from the button, giving both opponents a shot at the knockout should they call. Jim Beadnell is first in line and asks for a chip count. Rios has about 850,000. Beadnell ultimately folds, followed by Deutsch, and Rios collects the pot.

Hand 164: Jim Beadnell leads off the action by betting 120,000 on the button. Dorian Rios calls. The flop comes , and both competitors check. turn leads to two more checks. , and no one wants to add any more to the pot. Rios’ pocket Fours take the pot.

Hand 165: Dorian Rios calls from the small blind and Jim Beadnell checks it. is the flop, and after a lead out bet from Rios Beadnell folds.

Hand 166: Jim Beadnell in the small blind makes it 180,000. Stephen Deutsch calls. The flop comes . Beadnell bets 250,000, and Deutsch calls to make this a million chip pot already. The turn brings , and Beadnell checks. Deutsch also checks. River is followed by check from Beadnell. Deutsch bets 325,000. Jim Beadnell calls, and Stephen has two pair Queens and Sixes. Beadnell says, “nice hand,” and Deutsch wins the pot.

Hand 167: Dorian Rios gets the walk.

Hand 168: Jim Beadnell and Dorian Rios got involved in a hand with a board that came out . Rios bets 100 and Beadnell calls. River rolls out, and Rios bets 200,000. Beadnell clicks back, up to 400,000, as a game of Limit Hold ‘Em has broken out at the final table.  Rios makes a crying call, and Beadnell shows a set of Nines. Rios shows :Ax :Kx and mucks.