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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 28: 30,000/60,000/10,000 Antes
Players Remaining: 3

As play proceeds, Venezuelan pro Dorian Rios is our shortest with 950,000. Potential 2016 Player of the Year Stephen Deutsch is second with 2,970,000. Our chip leader is Ohio’s Jim Beadnell with 2,910,000.

Hand 169: Jim Beadnell completes the blind from the small and Stephen Deutsch checks. . Deutsch bets out and collects the pot.


Stephen Deutsch (far left, seat 8), Dorian Rios (middle, seat 10), and Jim Beadnell (far right, seat 3)

Hand 170: Jim Beadnell bets 180,000 from the button, and Dorian Rios makes the call. The flop comes . From the button, Beadnell makes it 200,000 to continue. Rios folds, and Beadnell picks up the pot.

Hand 171: Jim Beadnell receives his first walk of the final table.

Hand 172: Jim Beadnell calls in the small, and Stephen Deutsch checks. . Both check, turn . Beadnell bets 160,000, which is enough to get Deutsch to fold and earn himself the pot.

Hand 173: Stephen makes it 155,000 to go from the small blind, and Rios folds his big blind to let Deutsch take the pot.

Hand 174: Dorian Rios moves all in, and Jim Beadnell shows the :2x :4x in his big blind hand to fold to the bet.

Hand 175: All three players call the big and see a flop together. . The three men check, to see . Beadnell checks, followed by Deutsch. Dorian Rios bets 90,000. Jim Beadnell folds, and Deutsch calls. on the river brings two checks. Deutsch shows full house to garner the chips in the pot.

Hand 176: Dorian Rios receives a walk.

Hand 177: Dorian Rios goes all in from the small blind for 930,000. Jim Beadnell folds, and Rios takes it down.

Hand 178: Stephen Deutsch has a walk himself.

Hand 179: Stephen Deutsch calls and Dorian Rios checks. . Deutsch leads out for 60,000 and Deutsch wins the pot, but not before flipping the in the hole.

Hand 180: Dorian Rios calls from the small, and Jim Beadnell checks. flop comes out for the players, and Rios bets 80,000. Beadnell calls the bet. The turn brings , and Rios reaches for more chips. He wagers 160,000 and Beadnell calls. The river card comes down: . Rios checks in the face of the Ace, and Beadnell bets 350,000. Rios (who has about 400,000) goes deep into the tank, and comes out with a fold. Beadnell takes down the pot.

Hand 181: Jim Beadnell calls from the small and Stephen Deutsch checks his big. comes out, and once Beadnell announces 180,000 Deutsch is quickly out of there. Beadnell picks up the pot.

Hand 182: Stephen Deutsch announces all in on Dorian Rios’s big blind. Rios does not oblige, and Deutsch takes the blinds and antes.

Hand 183: Stephen Deutsch makes it 150,000 to go on the button. Jim Beadnell elects to call from the big blind. . Both players check, and the dealer turns over the . Beadnell bets 300,000 and Stephen Deutsch folds.

Hand 184: Dorian Rios bet his final 380,000 from the button and does not get any callers and so takes down the pot.

Hand 185: Stephen bets all of his chips to put Dorian Rios at risk, and Rios couldn’t put his chips in fast enough to call.


The runout of brings Dorian back up to 1,000,000.