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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 29: 40,000/80,000/10,000 Antes
Players Remaining: 3

Dorian Rios has 1,310,000, Jim Beadnell has 3,390,000, and Stephen Deutsch is your new Main Event chip leader at the break with 3,460,000.

Here are the PPC 2016 Player of the Year scenarios: If Jim Beadnell comes in first, he will be Player of the Year. If Stephen Deutsch comes first or comes in second to Dorian Rios, Deutsch will take the title. The leader in the clubhouse is not sitting pretty, as Bill McCown needs Beadnell to come in second and Deutsch comes in third.

Hand 191: Stephen Duetsch bets 180,000, and Dorian Rios announces all in. Stephen asks for a count. Rios tells Deutsch “this would be a good fold,” and Deutsch chuckles. Deutsch eventually decided on a fold, and Rios takes the pot.ppcawc16-main-event-day-3-three-handed

Hand 192: Stephen Deutsch gets a walk.

Hand 193: Stephen Deutsch makes it 180,000 out of the small blind, and Dorian Rios calls. . Deutsch bets 175,00, and Rios calls. on the turn, and Deutsch checks. Rios bets 260,000 on the turn, and Deutsch calls. The river is the , and Deutsch checks once more. Rios checks as well, and Deutsch shows to win the pot.

Hand 194: Neither Dorian Rios nor Jim Beadnell really wanted to put many chips at . Beadnell finally bet 180,000 on the river, which Rios folds to. Beadnell wins the pot.

Hand 195: Jim Beadnell completes out of the small blind and Stephen Deutsch checks his option Neither player is interested in the flop of . The turn gets a small rise out of Jim to the tune of 250,000. Deutsch folds and Beadnell picks up the pot, showing his :Qx :Jx before giving the cards back to the dealer.

Hand 196: Dorian Rios receives a walk.

Hand 197: Dorian Rios moves in for his final 725,000, and Stephen Deutsch calls.


Before the cards are dealt, Dorian Rios uses his “one time.”


Another chop pot. It is unknown whether a chop pot uses up the magical “one time.”

Hand 198: Dorian Rios once more places all of his chips into the pot, and this time he picks up the pot without confrontation.

Hand 199: Dorian Rios gets a walk.

Hand 200: Dorian Rios calls from the small, and Jim Beadnell checks. checks through, and on the turn gets a 100,000 bet from Rios. Beadnell folds and Rios takes the pot.

Hand 201: Dorian Rios bets 180,000 from the button, and both Jim Beadnell and Stephen Deutsch call. The flop comes . Deutsch bets 200,000 after Beadnell checks, at which point Rios calls. Beadnell calls as well, and all three players see for the turn. All three check through, and all three see the on the river. Jim Beadnell checks, Stephen Deutsch check, and Dorian Rios checks as well. Beadnell turns over for Trip 7s, and he takes it all.

Hand 202-204: Three straight walks. Nothing changes.

Hand 205: Stephen Deutsch bets 180,000, and Jim Beadnell calls out of the big. The flop comes out, Deutsch bets 150,000 from the button, and he wins the pot.

Hand 206: Jim Beadnell calls and Stephen Deutsch checks. is the flop, and after a check Deutsche bets 100,000. is the turn, which checks through. on the river brings 300,000 bet from Jim Beadnell, which Stephen Deutsche quickly calls. Both players have a Jack for the split pot straight.