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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 29: 40,000/80,000/10,000 Antes
Players Remaining: 3

Hand 207: Jim Beadnell makes the call for 80,000. The small blind Stephen Deutsch makes it 280,00 from the small blind. Both Dorian Rios and Beadnell fold, and Deutsch takes the pot.

Hand 208: Jim Beadnell gets a walk.

Hand 209: Jim Beadnell calls from the small blind and Stephen Deutsch checks. The flop turn and river were . It checked all the way through until Deutsch bet 100,000 to take the pot.ppcawc16-main-event-day-1a-trophy

Hand 210: Stephen Deutsch makes it 180,000 to go off the button and Jim Beadnell calls in the big blind. is the flop, and Beadnell checks and Deutsch follows suit. The turn brings , and both check again. on the river is another check check, and they both announce Ace high. Deutsch’s takes it with the King kicker over Beadnell’s .

Hand 211: Jim Beanell raises to 180,000 from the small blind, and Stephen Deutsch elects to call. The flop comes . Beadnell leads for 250,000, Deutsch folds, and Beadnell picks up the pot.

Hand 212: Jim Beadnell calls 80,000 on the button, and Dorian Rios checks his option. . Rios bets 125,000, and Beadnell calls after verifying the amount is correct. The turn brings , and Rios checks. Beadnell bets 250,000, Rios folds, and the pot goes to Beadnell.

Hand 213: Jim Beadnell gets the walk.

Hand 214: Dorian bets all of his chips from the button, about 525,000. Both of his opponents fold, and Rios takes the pot.

Hand 215: Dorian picks up the blinds and antes.

Hand 216: Dorian Rios moves all in and Jim shows :2x :3x while folding. Rios wins the pot.

Hand 217: Dorian Rios once more moves in, once more gets no callers, and once more picks up the blinds and antes.

Hand 218: Stephen Deutsch ends Dorian Rios’ win streak by forcing Rios out with an all in bet.

Hand 219: Dorian Rios calls Jim Beadnell’s big blind, and he checks. Flop , both players check. , both check. The river changes nothing, Beadnell shows down pocket Threes for the pot.

Hand 220: Stephen Deutsch gets a walk.

Hand 221: Dorian Rios gets the walk.

Hand 222: Stephen Deutsch opens his button to 180,000 and takes it down.

Hand 223: Dorian Rios open shoves his button and it gets through.