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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 29: 40,000/80,000/10,000 Antes
Players Remaining: 2

Jim Beadnell and Stephen Deutsch begin heads up play with not only the Main Event on the line, but as a result of these two players’ results over the rest of the year a win here also wins that player Player of the Year 2016 honors.

Hand 225: Stephen Deutsch min-bets and Jim calls, flop is Ten, Queen, Five, Jim leads for 250,000 and wins the pot

Hand 226: Stephen Deutsch limps, Jim raises 200,000 and Stephen folds.ppcawc16-main-event-day-3-headsup

Hand 227: Stephen Deutsch checks after Jim Beadnell’s limp. got checked through until Stephen Deutsch’s turn bet of 80,000, which Beadnell called. on the river goes to showdown. Beadnell tables for the win.

Hand 228: Stephen Deutsch makes it 180,000, and Jim calls. means a check from Beadnell, and a 150,000 bet from Deutsch. Beadnell raises to 300,000 and Stephen Deutsch folds.

Hand 229: Jim open folds and Stephen Deutsch wins the blinds and antes.

Hand 230: Stephen Deutsch makes it 180,000 and Jim Beadnell calls. Flop . Beadnell makes his usual check, and Deutsch bets 125,000. Beadnell clicks to 250,000, and Stephen Deutsch calls. The turn goes check-check, and the river brings the . Beadnell checks, and Deutsch bets 400,000. Beadnell calls with :tx :tx, but Stephen Deutsch has for two pair to take it down.

Hand 231: Jim Beadnell folds preflop, Stephen Deutsch takes the pot.

Hand 232: Stephen Deutsch limps the button, Jim Beadnell bumps it 200,000 more Deutsch calls. The flop comes . Beadnell bets 200,000, which Deutsch calls. The turn brings no further action. on the river elicits a river bet of 550,000 from Stephen Deutsch. Beadnell folds.

Blinds rise to 50,000/100,000 and 10,000 antes.

Hand 233: Jim Beadnell calls and Stephen Deutsch checks his option. comes out, followed by “Qs on the turn and on the river. It checks until the river, when Stephen Deutsch bet 100,000 and Jim Beadnell folded.

Hand 234: Stephen Deutsch makes it 250 preflop, and Jim Beadnell folds. runout, Stephen Deutsch makes it 125,000 after Beadnell checks and then folds.

Hand 235: Jim Beadnell bets 250,000 from the button. Stephen Deutsch reraises all in. Jim Beadnell calls.


The board comes out to give Beadnell the double to about 2,000,000.

Hand 236: Jim Beadnell gets the walk.

Hand 237: Jim Beadnell limps, and Stephen Deutsch checks. gets checked through. On the turn , Beadnell makes it 200,000. Deutsch folds, and Beadnell takes the pot.

Hand 238: Stephen Deutsch limps, Jim Beadnell checks. Beadnell bets 200,000 on the flop, and gets the fold.

Hand 239: Stephen Deutsch gets the walk.

Hand 240: Deutsch bets 250,000. Jim Beadnell clicks to 500,000 from the big blind to put Deustch to the test. He calls, and the players see . Beadnell checks, and Deutsch wagers 400,000. Beadnell folds.

Hand 241: Beadnell opens his button to 250,000 and takes it down.

Hand 242: Deutsch tries to limp his button but Beadnell makes it 250,000 and wins another one.

Hand 243: Beadnell limps his button and Deutsch checks his option. Flop comes Deutsch checks and Beadnell checks back. Qs turns and Deutsch checks, Beadnell checks. River 2h checks through again and Beadnell tables Td 5s for the win.

Hand 244: Deutsch opens his button to 250,000 and Beadnell folds.