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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 23: 10,000/20,000/3,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 9

Hand 41: Dorian Rios makes it 45,000 from early position. Christian Harder reraises to 117,000. Rios calls. The flop comes . Harder leads out for 73,000, and Rios calls. brings checks from both competitors. A river leads to Rios checking yet again, and also a check from Harder. Dorian Rios shows , and Harder mucks for Rios to take the pot.

After the hand the live Twitch stream began. You can follow all of the action live at

Hand 42: Jose Montes called from early position. Seat 1 Christian Harder opens for 45,000, which seat 5 Joan Sandoval calls on the button. Jose Montes also calls. is the flop. The action goes check-check to Sandoval, who bets 50,000. Montes reraises to 147,000. Harder folds, and Sandoval calls the extra 97,000. The turn brings the . Montes checks, and Sandoval bets 150,000. Montes folds, and Sandoval picks up the large pot. There is one single 100,000 blue chip in play, which Sandoval now possesses.

Joan Sandoval

Joan Sandoval

Hand 43: Dorian Rios makes it 45,000 under the gun, and then in late position Michael Lerner makes it 135,000. The remaining players fold, including Rios, and Lerner picks up the pot.

Hand 44: Steve Karp bumps up the jam to 46,000, and that extra orange chip scared everyone off. Karp picks up the blinds and antes.

Hand 45: John Ott raises to 45,000., and on the button Stephen Deutsch calls. It folds around to Christian Harder in the big blind, who also calls. The flop comes :2xs rainbow. Both Harder and Ott check, and Deutsch bets 60,000. Harder folds quickly, Ott folds slowly, and Deutsch picks up the pot. He extends his second place position to 875,000.

Hand 46: Jim Beadnell wakes bacjk up and makes it 45,000. Stephen Deutsch calls. The flop comes , which elicits a 125,000 chip risk from Beadnell. Deutsch folds, and Jim Beadnell picks up the pot.

Hand 47: Dorian Rios picks up the blinds and antes.

Level 24 kicks off next with 12,000/24,000 blinds with a 3,000 chip ante.

Hand 48: Michael Lerner gets the first walk of the final table.

Hand 49: Dorian opens for 52,000 and takes down the blinds and antes preflop.

Hand 50: Action folds to Joan Sandoval in the small blind, who makes it 52,000 in the small blind. John Ott calls in the big. . After Sandoval checks, John Ott bets 55,000. Joan Sandoval calls. brings checks from both players. beings the third diamond to the board, and Sandoval bets 52,000. Ott makes the call, Sandoval showed :Ax :Tx and takes down the pot.