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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 23: 10,000/20,000/3,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 9

Live coverage of this PPC Poker Tour Main Event Final Table is available at, with a second angle and live commentary available at

Hand 51: Dorian Rios opens for 52,000. There are no interested customers, and the Venezuelan picks up the pot.

Hand 52: Rios once again opens for 52,000, this time under the gun. This time, Stephen Deutsch makes it 180,000 out of the big blind. Rios folds, and Deutsch picks up the chips.

Steve Karp

Steve Karp

Hand 53: Ott takes down the blinds and antes.

Hand 54: Joan Sandoval opens for 55,000, and Christian Harder makes the call. . Sandoval makes a C-bet, and picks up the pot.

Hand 55: Joan Sandoval opens for 55,000 again, and this time Steve Karp makes the call. checks through, but once comes Steve Karp makes it 45,000. Sandoval makes it 100,000, to which Karp responds by going all in. Sandoval asks for a count,¬†which is about 583,000 total. Joan Sandoval says, “that’s too much to call,” and Steve Karp picks up the pot.

Hand 56: Jose Montes goes all in for 289,000. Christian Harder asks for a count, but folds, as do the rest of the players and Montes sneaks through.

Hand 57: Action folds around to Steve Karp on the button, who makes it 55,000. Both blinds fold, and Karp picks up more chips.

Hand 58: Dorian Rios raises to 60,000 from early position. Michael Lerner reraises to 160,000 from the small blind. Rios takes some time to decide his next move, glancing at Lerner’s chips stack and his own, and ultimately folds. Lerner picks up the pot.

Hand 59: Steve Karp makes it 54,000 from the hijack, continuing his theme of varied preflop opens. The action folds around to John Ott in the big, who reraises to 200,000. Steve openfolds , and Ott takes it down.

Hand 60: The action folds around to the small blind, which John Ott calls and Jose Montes checks. A ten-high flop is bet out by Ott, who wins the small pot.

Hand 61: The action folds around to Jim Beadnell, who opens to the table norm of 55,000. Joan Sandoval calls right behind, and Steve Karp calls in the big blind. The flop comes . Karp checks, and Beadnell bets 80,000. Sandoval folds and Karp folds, and Beadnell picks up the pot. Jim’s wife, on the rail for today’s action, applauds politely for her beau’s victory.

Hand 62: Joan picks up the blinds and antes.

Hand 63: The action folds to the blinds, and seat 10 Dorian Rios takes seat 1 Christian Harder’s big blind with the preflop bet.

Hand 64: Dorian opens his button to 58,000, Karp makes the call from the big blind. flop checks through. turn checks through, rivers and Karp checks to Dorian who bets 120,000. Karp makes the call and Dorian shows and Karp mucks.

Hand 65: Karp calls from the small blind once it folds around, Jim Beadnell checks his option and the flop of checks through. turns and Karp bets 58,000 and Beadnell folds.

Hand 66: Dorian Rios opens to 58,000 from the hijack, Steve Karp reraises from the button to 110,000. Rios peaks at Karp’s stack and he has about 450,000 behind while Rios has about 960,000. Rios 4-bets to 270,000, and Karp moves all-in for 669,000 total, making this the biggest pot of the night. Rios has to call 399,000 more and after a moment of tanking, lays it down.