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Justin Swilling of New York is our tenth place finisher after being eliminated by Joan Sandoval.

The 33rd hand of the day saw the final table’s first elimination. Joan Sandoval, on the button, makes it 55,000, and Justin Swilling announces all in from the big blind.¬†After that, Sandoval asks for a count, which would be 138,000 on top. Sandoval called in the lead.


The runout did not rescue Swilling, and Sandoval scoops the pot thanks to the pair of Aces holding. Justin Swilling finishes in tenth place here in the 2016 PPC Aruba Championship Main Event for $8,021! Sandoval goes up above 700,000 with the knockout.

Justin Swilling - 10th ($8,021)

Justin Swilling – 10th ($8,021)