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Here are the recaps for the preliminary events of the 2016 PPC Poker Tour PPC Aruba World Championship:

Event 1: $100 NLHE Midnight Madness Turbo (Re-Entry)

November 3rd, 2016

Total Entries: 69
Total Prize Pool: $5,347

Jim Beadnell - Event 1 Champion ($1,295)

Jim Beadnell – Event 1 Champion ($1,295)

Recap: After the opening night party, the players still standing found their way to the Beachside Poker Room at the Hilton Hotel and Casino, the official poker room of the PPC Poker Tour. With hors d’voures and beverages aplenty, Jim Beadnell took down the first trophy event of the series after taking the $100 buy-in event championship bolstering his case for PPC Player of the Year and vaulting him into the top 25 overall. As is traditionally the case, this was the only tournament event to be held in the Casino’s poker room though many of the players in this week’s series found their ways back to the room after events had ended for the night in the ballroom where the other PPC events were held during the rest of the week.

1st: Jim Beadnell – $1,295
2nd: Dave Bruno – $1,295
3rd: John Orr – $1,295
4th: AJ Sacher – $600
5th: Vincente Cham – $400
6th: David Dee – $240
7th: Gabriel Ayala – $120

Event 2: $100 NLHE $5K to First Place (Re-Entry)
$5,000 Guarantee

November 3, 2016

Total Entries: 149
Total Prize Pool: $11,562

Event 2 Champion - Steve "Mondo" Fuhrman ($2,267)

Event 2 Champion – Steven “Mondo” Fuhrman ($2,267)

Recap: Steven “Mondo” Fuhrman ended up walking away with the championship trophy after coming to the final table short stacked thanks to some good run outs, not the least of which was a flopped straight with on the final hand. The Netherlands’ Alvin Lacle and former PPC Aruba Main Event champion Aristoteles Neto were among the players involved in the top chop. The final table featured a murderer’s row of PPC regulars including PPC champions Michael Hanson, John Orr, and John Nowak.

Final Table Results:
1st: Steven Fuhrman – $2,267
2nd: Alvin Lacle – $2,267
3rd: Aristoteles Neto – $2,267
4th: S. Kelly – $2,267
5th: John Orr – $525
6th: John Nowak – $459
7th: Michael Hanson – $394
8th: Michael Harrison – $289
9th: Dave Bailey – $197
10th: Janie Bowman – $131

Event 3: $200 Double Green Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)

November 3rd, 2016

Total Entries: 189
Total Prize Pool: $22,916 + $9,450 in Bounties = $32,366

Whit Brayton - Event 3 Champion ($4,353)

Whit Brayton – Event 3 Champion ($4,353)

Recap:  It was another battle into the early morning hours in Aruba in Event 3.  And after Nolan Spooner pulled off a double-elimination of Pamela Wilson and Vincente Cham to take a huge lead in the tournament, it looked like Spooner was a lock to claim the title.  But the field chipped away at his lead and Whit Brayton pulled off a win in a three-way pot involving Spooner to steal away the chip lead.  And after the elimination of the tenacious Corbin White, the three remaining players decided to make a deal leaving Brayton as the Event 3 Champion with Spooner finishing second and Julio Sanchez taking third.  The Californian had just won the first PPC Tag Team tournament in Kansas City with Steven Fuhrman and joined him in the winner’s circle here in Aruba.

Final Table Results:
1st: Whit Brayton – $4,353
2nd: Nolan Spooner – $4,353
3rd: Julio Sanchez – $4,353
4th: Corbin White – $1,891
5th: Juan Rodriguez – $1,616
6th: Dan Bultman – $1,329
7th: Kowai Ho – $1,054
8th: Benjamin Perez – $802
9th: Pamela Wilson – $550
10th: Vincente Cham – $470

Event 4: $100 NLHE Turbo (Re-Entry)

November 4th, 2016

Total Entries: 70
Total Prize Pool: $5,432

Event 4 Champion Tom Clements ($1,738)

Event 4 Champion Tom Clements ($1,738)

Normally the big guns are more likely to pass on lower buy-in events or turbo events. So this $100 turbo tournament had the makings for a soft field but with time to kill before the Main Event, a nice warm-up is just what the doctor ordered. In a big field of 70 entries, the cream rose to the top with Tom Clements coming out with a trophy. Jim Beadnell’s name crops up yet again with a 6th place finish and 2014 PPC Aruba Main Event Champion Aristoteles Neto with a runner-up finish.

Final Table Results:
1st: Tom Clements – $1,738
2nd: Aristoteles Neto – $1,059
3rd: Cheri Beatty – $652
4th: David Dee – $470
5th: Dennis Teseling – $391
6th: Jim Beadnell – $326
7th: Rodrigo Borholdt – $261
8th: Daury Rodriguez – $209
9th: Michael Wurtzel – $177
10th: Agnes Barton – $149

Event 6: $300 PLO Black Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)

November 5th, 2016

Total Entries: 48
Total Prize Pool: $8,080

Rob Li - Event 6 Champion ($3,152)

Rob Li – Event 6 Champion ($3,152)

Recap: Only one event at the 2016 PPC Aruba World Championship wasn’t No-Limit Texas hold’em, and it was an absolute blast. As if Pot-Limit Omaha weren’t action-driving enough, they put a bounty on everyone’s head! Suffice to say, the chips were flying. The chip-leader for much of the tournament was Michael Hanson who has a PPC PLO title to his name already.  But despite a massive stack and depth of experience, the wheels fell off as the final table got short and it ended with a third place finish for the Wisconsonite. The second story of the event was that the 4th and 2nd place finishes, William Alexander and Lane Phillips respectively, were both participating in their first ever PLO tournaments! The third story of the tournament was Rob Li, who quietly and systematically accumulated chips while everyone else was just trying to stay alive. After entering the heads-up match with huge advantages in both chips and experience, he was able to take it down.

1st: Rob Li – $3,152
2nd: Lane Phillips – $1,858
3rd: Michael Hanson – $1,131
4th: William Alexander – $889
5th: John Greene – $646
6th: James Wheeler – $404

Event 7: $100 NLHE Turbo (Re-Entry)

November 6, 2016

Total Entries: 120
Total Prize Pool: $9,312

Arjaen Denhartog - PPC Aruba Championship Event 7 winner - ($1,578)

Arjaen Denhartog – PPC Aruba Championship Event 7 winner – ($1,578)

Recap: After coming into the final table in eighth of nine players, The Netherlands’ Arjaen Danhartog took down Event 7. The event started and ended in a flash, as the final four competitors of Event 7 chopped with about fifteen total big blinds in play between them at the time of the deal. PPC champion Tom Clements adds another top flight finish to his PPC resume as does Max Zeppetelli who was the first World Cup of Cards PPC champion. St. Croix Turtle Lake regular Bryon Dopkins and his signature handlebar mustache bubbled the official final table in tenth position.

Final Table Results:
1st: Arjaen Denhartog – $1,578
2nd: Max Zeppetelli – $1,500
3rd: Nate Whiting – $1,500
4th: Tom Clements – $1,500
5th: Gene Gauthier – $656
6th: Chris Strozier – $540
7th: Wim Sommen – $428
8th: Scott Davis – $326
9th: Bill Linderman – $223
10th: Bryon Dopkins – $191

Event 8: $500 NLHE Double Black Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)

November 6th, 2016

Total Entries: 98
Total Prize Pool: $23,765

Bill Mckown - Event 8 Champion ($7,265)

Bill McKown – Event 8 Champion ($7,265)

Recap: The big bounty tournament was a tale of polarized styles as players like Aristoteles Neto and Eric Nathan collected bounty after bounty while players like John Orr and Steve Abel somehow navigated the field and into the money with a single KO between them (Steve’s). The two top finishers, Bill McKown and Rod Rodrigue, were both positioning themselves for late pushes in the PPC Player of the Year race and while McKown was the player to keep their own bounty Rodrigue was the one that likely had the better week overall.

Final Table Results:

1st: Bill McKown – $7,265
2nd: Rod Rodrigue – $4,250
3rd: Eric Nathan – $3,250
4th: Paul Snead – $2,500
5th: Jenny Marczynski – $2,000
6th: Joshua Abiscott – $1,500
7th: Steve Abel – $1,000
8th: Aristoteles Neto – $800
9th: John Orr – $700
10th: Keith Crouch – $500

Event 9: $1,100 NLHE (Re-Entry)
$50,000 Guarantee

November 7th, 2016

Total Entries: 57
Total Prize Pool: $55,290

Adam White - Event 9 Champion

Adam White – Event 9 Champion

The last [non-satellite] event of the 2016 PPC Aruba World Championship was a big one, with a $1,100 entry and 57 runners. With a major pay jump at the bubble, players tightened up their ranges as the blinds continued to climb. By the time the final table came around, stacks were low and we still had 4 players to lose before the money. The fit or fold continued but can only continue for so long and shortly after the bubble burst, the players decided they were done with poker for the night and made a deal. Both stories of this event were Adam White-centric; first was his dominant performance at the final table. A willingness to be aggressive when no one else would be, the stacks when they got 5-handed were 4 players with around 50,000 chips at 4000/8000/1000 ante blind level while Adam had 370,000. It’s no wonder they gave him the title and trophy. The other story was that one of the players that made the deal with Adam was his father, Richard White. Congratulations to both of them on a fantastic showing here at the Hilton!

1st: Adam White – $18,000
2nd: Rod Rodrigue – $8,219
3rd: Maroun Akiki – $8,215
4th: Richard White – $8,215
5th: Dennis Cowden – $8,215
6th: Jay Friedman – $4,423

Congratulations to all of our Preliminary Event winners at the 2016 PPC Aruba World Championship!