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Champion of Champions Invitational NLHE
Level 8: 600/1,200/200 Ante
Players Remaining: 3

Carmelo Schepis has been down, he’s been up but now he’s out.

Schepis has gone on a absolute roller coaster ride in the past few hands.  His A-7 nearly cracked Ed VanLandingham’s A-8 after a seven hit the turn but VanLandingham hit an 8 on the river to stay alive leaving Schepis with 1,600 chips.  But Schepis managed to turn it around winning an all-in, chopping another and then tripling up to get himself back in the tournament.  But the luck couldn’t last as Schepis was all-in with a 10-2 against the A-10 of James Sloat.  Schepis hit a deuce on the flop but Sloat hit the ace on the turn and knocked out Schepis.

Schepis finishes in 4th place winning a pair of Blue Shark Optics glasses for his run in the Champion of Champions Invitational.

Carmelo Schepis - 4th Place

Carmelo Schepis – 4th Place