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Champion of Champions Invitational NLHE
Level 6: 300/600/75 Ante
Players Remaining: 4

James Sloat has cleared another obstacle on his way to the Champion of Champions title.

After a bet of 1,050 chips from Sloat, Dan Chalifour put in his last 3,050 chips with Sloat making the call.  Chalifour turned up and Sloat showed .  Chalifour had the lead but not for long when the flop came out giving Sloat a pair of jacks.  Chalifour got some help when the came on the turn but a harmless rolled off on the river giving Sloat the hand and the elimination.

As the remaining four players head into their first break, here are the chip counts:

Ed VanLandingham – 13,400
Carmelo Schepis – 28,500
Al Davis – 50,900
James Sloat – 28,200

Dan Chalifour

Dan Chalifour