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$400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 5: 150/300/25 Ante
Total Entries: 64

Chris Kojack is on fire and just crushed two outstanding opponents to open up his chip lead in the flight.

Kojack found himself facing down the all-ins of Loukas Michael and Duane Hunton.  Hunton turned up and Michael followed with but Kojack woke up with putting the duo at the other end of the table in deep trouble.  It got even worse when the case king showed up on the flop giving Kojack a set.  The board ran out to finish the hand sending the very dangerous Michael and Hunton to the registration window.  Kojack is now up to 123,600 to easily lead the way so far.

64 entries are now posted as Day 1 of the Main Event pushes forward.

Chris Kojack

Chris Kojack