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Level 7 – 200/400/50

Players Left from Day 1a – 41

Players Registered in Day 1b -208

A dealer yells out “Five seats open!” So I run over to see what happened. There were actually 3 seats opened but the hand that was just played was won with four/eight…. offsuit!

According to one player on the table, this is what happened…this has to be the strangest hand of the evening.

UTG (Wong – Seat1) calls 400. Blinds 200/400/50.

Seat #2 flats 400 (with pocket Queens)

Seat #3 raises to 1200

Seat #10 (S Blind) re-raises to 2200

Everyone calls the 2200.

Flop was an eight (8) high rainbow…8/4/6 to be exact.

SB – bets 12,000

Wong over shoves to approx, 30,000 (not quite sure)

Seat #2 is all-in for less

Seat #3 is all- in for less

SB is all-in for less

Small blind had a gut shot straight draw, while Seat #2 had Queens. Wong (Seat 1) had 4/8 for top 2 pair AND WINS…knocking out 3 players.

Wong is now at 85,000.