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Final Table

Final Table

With the elimination of Dawn Wilensky in 11th, we are down to our Final Table. Here are seat and chip counts. Players will be playing until the end of this level then taking an one hour dinner break.

Seat 1 James McKinnon 333,000
Seat 2 Aurel Bogdan 942,000
Seat 3 Matt Yassen 1,413,000
Seat 4 Len Cortellino 635,000
Seat 5 Brett Skolnick 1,283,000
Seat 6 William Frederick 765,000
Seat 7 John Rothe 1,188,000
Seat 8 Robert Riccuiti 1,010,000
Seat 9 David Leather 1,215,000
Seat 10 Jeff Murray 317,000

There is still plenty of play left and right now, everyone has a chance to finish at least 3rd in order to get the $3500 PPC Aruba Package. Stay tuned all night and you can watch the Final Table on