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Lenny Cortellino - $25,375+$3500 PPC Aruba Package

Lenny Cortellino – $25,375+$3500 PPC Aruba Package

Just about 12 hours from the start of Day 2, we have a winner. A deal was made between Lenny Cortellino (Lewiston,ME) and Brett Skolnick (Quincy, MA).

When it was heads-up, Lenny had roughly 5,625,000 in chips compared to Skolnick’s 3,500,000. Both decided to give somewhat of an equity chop and had agreed to play out 1 hand for the Foxwoods MegaStacks trophy. Lenny had A♣ 4♦ and when the flop came with an Ace, Lenny had claimed his trophy.

Brett Skolnick - 2nd Place - $23,000 + $3500 PPC Aruba Package

Brett Skolnick – 2nd Place – $23,000 + $3500 PPC Aruba Package

Brett had knocked 3 players on this Final Table and his stack was never really in jeopardy.

Below is the final results:

1st Len Cortellino $25,375 + PPC Package
2nd Brett Skolnick $23,000 + PPC Package
3rd James McKinnon $12,598 + PPC Package
4th Matt Yassen $9,646
5th John Rothe $7,198
6th Robert Ricciuti $5,759
7th David Leather $4,751
8th Aurel Bogdan $3,744
9th Jeff Murray $2,890
10th William Frederick $2,101
11th Dawn Wilensky $2,101
12th Mike Nye $2,101
13th Glen Thompson $1,814
14th John Caputo $1,814
15th Soukha Kachittavong $1,814
16th Michael Savino $1,598
17th Jana Christopher $1,598
18th Patrick McConnell $1,598
19th David Briones $1,382
20th Nicholas Palma $1,382
21st Seunghwan Lee $1,382
22nd Attilio Bitondo $1,166
23rd Andrew Allain $1,166
24th Mark Steinberg $1,166
25th Robert Palazzo $1,022
26th Christopher Manning $1,022
27th Ross Santos $1,022
28th Sherif Sweillam $907
29th Michael Laiosa $907
30th Dave Shiranian $907
31st Chris Alves $907
32nd Peter Campo $907
33rd Harry Dannenberg $907
34th Edward Ribeiro $907
35th Peter Tripp $907
36th Andrew Towner $907
37th Caleb Clarke $806
38th Jason Francks $806
39th Andrew Boyer $806
40th Andrew Feldman $806
41st Pedro Martell $806
42nd Aram Zobian $806
43rd Randy Bunnell $806
44th She Lok Wong $806
45th Samir Desai $806
46th Julie Phyuthinn $705
47th Justin Gamache $705
48th Joseph Smith $705
49th James Geoghegan $705
50th Ken Wisniewski $705
51st Jon Nykvist $705
52nd Alex Rocha $705
53rd Brad St. Vincent $705
54th John O’Connor $705

The PPC would like thank Foxwoods Tournament Director Juan DeJesus and his staff for hosting another great tournament.

Our next stop is the Isle Casino Winter Series from Jan 5th-8th.

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