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$370 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 17: 2,500/5,000/500 Ante
Players Remaining: 18

Just like that two more players are out taking the field down to two tables.  Dushyant Gulati fell in 19th place and Keith Sanders was knocked out in 20th place.  Both pick up $551 for their run in the Main Event.

Here are the seating assignments for our remaining eighteen players:

Table 3-6:
Seat 1: Kathy Stackpoole
Seat 2: David Grimm
Seat 3: Sean Hampson
Seat 4: Billy Dubay
Seat 5: Angelo Praitano
Seat 6: Alexi Hernandez
Seat 7: Sky Kim
Seat 8: Stan Holley
Seat 9: Ed Sojack

Table 3-7:
Seat 1: Allen Wiseman
Seat 2: Shawn Barnett
Seat 3: Michael LeMay
Seat 4: Bobby Dugan
Seat 5: Reggie Bautista
Seat 6: Mitchell Menes
Seat 7: Bill McKown
Seat 8: John Santone
Seat 9: Anthony Pellegrini

Dushyant Gulati - 19th Place ($551)

Dushyant Gulati – 19th Place ($551)

Keith Sanders - 20th Place ($551)

Keith Sanders – 20th Place ($551)