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$180 NLHE Double Green Chip Bounty (Re-Entry)
Level 17: 5,000/10,000/1,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 2

It was all over but the shouting for Darrell Cranmore.

With 8,000 chips already in for his big blind and called by both Randy Fikki and Kaleb Leeper, Cranmore put his last 7,000 chips in the middle.  Fikki tried to raise but because Cranmore was short of a min raise, he could only call. Leeper did the same setting up the three-way pot.

Fikki and Leeper both checked the flop but then the hit the turn and Fikki bet out 20,000 and Leeper called.  The came on the river and Leeper bet out 30,000 chips and Fikki called.  Cranmore showed for a pair of deuces, Fikki turned over for top pair but Leeper had for two pair and the elimination of Cranmore.

Leeper will lead Fikki in the heads-up match 344,000 chips to 196,000.

Darrell Cranmore finishes in 3rd place winning $593 plus bounties.

Darrell Cranmore - 3rd Place ($501)

Darrell Cranmore – 3rd Place ($593)