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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 2: 75/150
Total Entries: 92

Two of the Main Event’s early chip leaders got into a three-way tangle on the river, and it was the man they call “Dr. Justice” who ended up taking down the pot.

We pick up action on the turn, as Maroun Akiki and Anthony “Tony” Justice were the players in the blinds when action began with a third player on the button. The run out saw a small amount of action on the turn as all three competitors remained interested. A river brought all sorts of draws, and elicited a check from both Akiki and Justice, and when the button checked a small grimace came across the good doctor’s face, as the Tunica native turned over the straight [Qd][9d] knowing he might’ve been able to get more.

A few hands later, Akiki took a big pot with on :Kx :Jx :7x against a player with . Both players have plenty of chips with which to battle going forward in Day 1B.

Maroun Akiki (L) and Anthony "Tony" Justice (R)

Maroun Akiki (L) and Anthony “Tony” Justice (R)