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$2,400 NLHE Main Event (Re-Entry)
Level 25: 15,000/30,000/5,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 9

Hand 73: Dorian Rios makes it 75,000 from the button, and Steve Karp calls. The flop comes . Rios checks, and Karp adds 80,000 to the pot, which Rios calls. The turn brings check-check. A river leads to Rios coming out of the cage and firing 175,000 into the pot. Karp calls, and Rios turns over top pair . Karp mucks, and Rios closes in on Joan Sandoval for overall chip leader.

Dorian Rios

Dorian Rios

Hand 74: From the button, Steve Karp reenters the fray for 70,000. Michael Lerner calls from the big. After a rollout , Lerner bets 75,000. Karp folds, and Michael Lerner picks up the pot.

Hand 75: Action is folded around to the button, and Jim Beadnell makes it 75,000. It folds to the big blind Joan Sandoval makes the call. Flop is , and Sandoval checks. Jim makes it 80,000 after a quick think. Sandoval springs her trap and reraises the pot to 200,000 total. Beadnell takes a seat deep in the tank, but ultimately folds and Sandoval scoops another pot.

Hand 76: Jose Montes goes all in under the gun for about 260,000. The wager makes it through, and Montes remains alive after collecting the blinds and antes.

Hand 77: Christian Harder moves all of his remaining betting units into the middle of the pot (approximately 265) and also gets through.

Hand 78: Dorian Rios makes an under the gun raise and picks up the pot.

Hand 79: Jim Beadnell makes it 65,000, Dorian Rios calls to see . Both players check, but once falls on the turn and Rios checks Beadnell makes it 125,000. Rios calls. on the river got another check from Rios. Beadnell thinks and places 200,000 into the pot. Rios calls, and Beadnell reveals . Rios flashes the case and mucks. Jim Beadnell climbs back over 1 million with that pot.

Hand 80: Action folds to the blinds with Dorian Rios in the small blind, who makes it 65,000. Christian Harder folds, and Rios picks up the pot.

Hand 81: John Ott announces all in for 345,000, but he finds no dancing partners and picks up the pot.

Hand 82: Two of the bigger stacks clashed on this hand when Joan Sandoval made it 65,000 in under the gun plus one, and Jim Beadnell defends his big blind as the players head to the flop two-handed. check-checks, and on the turn elicits quick glances back to their cards for both players for diamond insurance. After Beadnell checked and Sandoval made it 80,000 to go, Jim Beadnell makes it 180,000 instead. Sandoval showed the and folded.

Hand 83: Dorian Rios picks up some blinds and antes.

Hand 84: Jim Beadnell raises to 65,000 on the button, but from the small blind Michael Lerner raises to 150,000. Beadnell calls, and the players see a flop. It comes , and Lerner leads for 150,000. Jim folds, and Lerner picks up the nearly 400,000 chip pot.

Hand 85: Stephen Deutsch raises and Joan Sandoval makes the call from the small blind. John Ott also makes the call and the players go three ways to the flop. flop, and after Sandoval  checks Ott makes it 80,000. The original raiser Deutsch folds, as does Sandoval, and it’s Ott’s pot.

Hand 86: Jim Beadnell makes it 80,000 in the hijack. John Ott makes it 180,000 to go instead. Jim Beadnell, undeterred, declares himself all in having John Ott covered. Ott folds, and Beadnell picks himself up a healthy pot.